Saving water in your home - Saving water in your home
Blog August 19, 2021

Saving water in your home

Today is world water day. Water is such a great importance in our everyday lives and we must appreciate the value of this overlooked necessity. With a growing world population, the demand on industry and agriculture is rapidly increasing. Water is becoming under threat, and the catastrophic impacts of climate change are not helping. Learn more about World Water Day here: 


We thought we’d share some tips on how you can save water in your home:



Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth. Did you know that turning your tap off while brushing your teeth can save 6 litres of water a minute? Don’t sing in the shower! Reduce your shower time, you’re in there to wash not audition for X Factor. Install water-saving showerheads or flow restrictors too.



Stack up the dishwasher. Don’t put a dishwasher cycle on without a full dishwasher. Don’t waste time washing up by hand if you can put that mug in the dishwasher instead. The same applies to your washing machine! Don’t put half a load on, make sure there is a good amount of dirty clothing in there.

Think smart when gardening. - Schedule your irrigation, water your garden in the morning or evening, this reduces the chances of evaporation from the midday heat and sunlight.


Water by hand - Did you know you can save 33% of water use by watering plants manually instead of using an automatic sprinkler? Another great tip is installing a water butt to catch rainwater, why waste tap water on your plants when you can use rainwater!


Be mindful when cooking - You can use much less water steaming veg rather than boiling. Save the rinsing water- catch collider water when washing fruit and veg to repurpose this for your plants. Your garden won’t mind reused water.


Only fill the kettle to as much as you need, don’t fill a kettle full for one cup of tea!

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